12V or 24VDC Switching Power Supply

At most 3 ways output power supply, please don't overload while using. To drive a stepper as example, To keep safe, power supply rated output current is better 1.5 times more than the stepper motor n driver's rated current in total its powered.

1. S-360-12 12VDC Power Supply:
In AC power supply, there are two symbols L and N. N is Neutral while L is Live Line. N is Neutral: it means this wire is connected to ground and so it always 0V compared to ground.L is Live Line which carries the AC 110-220 volts relative to the ground, it's also called the hot line.
Output Voltage:12V
Output Type Single Channel
Input Voltage:110V/230VAC(selected by switch)
Output amps 29A
DC Output Power:360W

Switching power supply 12V 360W

SKU: S-360-12V

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