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Standard offer of Desket-V4 : 
One complete horizontal 5-axis CNC milling machine, BLDC Servo Motor, C5 Ground ball screw 1204 and 1604, HIWIN dual linear rails, Harmonic Reducer the 5-axis (Metal Enclosure is Not included, can purchase separately)
Control box/Power supply
Power cord
USB cable
1 set of hexagon wrench
Self centering vise 8-55mm
A set of ER11 wrench
Two ER11 collets
4 test tools 8 pieces (2, 4mm end mill, R1 ball cutter, 0.2 point cutter)
Gauge block
Electronic handwheel
4 pieces of test substitute wood
Spindle motor cooling system (pump)


Standard configuration:
Overall size L700*W400*H510mm
Workbench size 140*130mm
Total machine weight 60Kgs
Workbench maximum load 10Kgs
X, Y, Z three-axis effective stroke X160*Y200*Z125
A, C rotary axis are both Harmonic Drive effective stroke A-20--+110 degrees, a total of 130 degrees, C-axis 360 degrees unlimited
5-axis effective processing range X150*Y150*Z125
A-axis rotary axis parameter 1:50 grinding worm reducer, cross roller rotary bearing
C axis rotary axis parameter 1:50 grinding worm reducer, cross roller rotary bearing
Three-axis ball screw X, Z-axis 1204 C7 Y-axis 1605 C7
Linear guide X-axis adopts silver MGN12 linear guide, Y-axis adopts silver MGN15 linear guide Z-axis adopts HGH20
Rack 6061T6 aviation aluminum + force parts 45 steel quenching and tempering, the whole machining center drilling, fine milling, tapping
Processing materials Plastic, wood, aluminum. Copper, gold, silver, wax, etc.
Processing speed 2500mm / min (mm / min) (depending on the material, processing speed is different)
Spindle model 65mm diameter 800W electric spindle 24000 rpm
Dustproof organ dustproof + oil seal dustproof (rotary table waterproof treatment)
Tool diameter ER11 0-7mm
Fixture Steel fixture, reserved for er50 collet holder, 63 80 chuck


5 axis CNC milling machine V4 desktop

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