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Desktop SJ35 extruder, pelletizer, granulating line

Desktop 3D Printing Filament Extruder

Extruder for 1.75mm or 3mm 3D Printing Filament which is quite suitable for experiment and small batch production from thermo plastics PLA, ABS, etc.

Screw Barrel: material 38 CrMoAlA, and quenching and nitriding treatment (the inner surface nitriding polishing HV720), shield-shaped two common screw kneading nitriding depth is 0.5-0.7mm, the surface roughness Ra0.4, Linearity of the screw: 0.015 mm, slotted barrel, enhanced cooling water jacket
Screw diameter:35mm
Appliatable materials:PLA, ABS, PVC, PE, PP, PA,PC
Nozzel Diameter: 1.75mm/3mm
Speed Control: Regulatable
Highest Temparature:260℃

Screw ratio: An aspect ratio of 12: 1, screw effective length 400mm
main motor power:120w AC motor
Main motor speed:Speed governor
Barrel heating:Stainless steel housing heater
heating power:An area 800w
Productivity: 3-5kg/h
Gearbox:Planetary reducer (ratio based on customer requirements)

Desktop SJ35 extruder, pelletizer, granulating line

  • SJ35-Desket : Standard SJ35 Desktop Extruder

    SJ35-Desket-H :  High 500C Extruder SJ35 Desktop Extruder

    SJ35Line : Failment production Line

    SJ35-GL : granulating production line that includes the SJ35-Desket Extruder, water-cooling tank, and the G-Pelletizer.

    SJ35Tubing : Desktop Tubing Extrusion Product Line

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