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DM556 2-phase Digital Stepper Motor Driver 36-60 VDC 2.1A to 5.6A for NEMA 23/34 stepper motor


Electrical Specifications:

Min Output current : 0.5 A                                            

Max Output current: 5.6 (4.0 RMS) A

Min Supply voltage: +20 VDC                                        

Max Supply voltage: +50 VDC

Min  Logic signal current: 7 MA                                      

Logic signal current Typical: 10 mA

Max Logic signal current: 16 mA                                    

Min Pulse input frequency: 0 kHz

Max Pulse input frequency: 200kHz                                

Min Isolation resistance: 500 Mohm


1. Anti-Resonance, provides optimum torque and nulls mid-range instability.
2. Motor self-test and parameter auto-setup technology, offers optimum responses with different motors.
3. Multi-Stepping allows a low resolution step input to produce a higher microstep output for smooth system performance.
4. Microstep resolutions programmable, from full-step to 102,400 steps/rev.
5. Supply voltage up to +45 VDC.
6. Output current programmable, from 0.5A to 5.6A.
7. Pulse input frequency up to 200 KHz.

8. Suitable for 2-phase and 4-phase motors.

9. Over-voltage, over-current, phase-error protections.

10.Support PUL/DIR and CW/CCWmodes.

DM556 2-phase Digital Stepper Motor Driver 50VDC 5.6A

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