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LG12-128T 128 Tons injection molding machine using 38mm or 40mm diameter screw, the shot capacity of PS 256g or 280g, it's Not only can be used for Disposable Razor but also for many other plastic parts.


Advantages & Features
.Hydraulic tank low oil level alarming
.Low-pressure mold protection device
.Shaking ejector for multi-cavity mold
.Injection device control position
.Progressive Type auto grease lubrication system
.High Torque Hydraulic motor for driven plasticizing Screw Counter
.High-performance and Large color LCD display screen
.Hopper Sliding Arrangement for material removal
.Modular injection unit design offering a wide choice for shot weights
.Precise Screw System with optimized design
.High Wear Resistance & High Strength Characters Gear Nut (Tiebar Nut) gives Rigid & Positive Clamping force
.High strength mould platen
.PID Temperature Controller for Accurate Control
.Anti-vibrating pads with stronger dampening
.Robust & Rugged 5 points toggle clamp with large mould opening stroke
.Nitride Hardened Screw and Barrel for wear resistance and long life
.Machine motor stop whiling rear gates opening
.Double cylinder balanced injection unit
.Linear transducer controls Clamping, Injection, and Ejection
.High precision suction filter
.PID temperature control with a high precision electronic ruler
.High-efficiency oil filter device to extend the normal life of the hydraulic oil
.Mechanical, electrical, hydraulic triple chain security protection ( large, medium machine)
.Abnormal errors alarm function with motor safety protection device
.Hard-Chrome Plated High-Tensile Steel Tie-Bars with Stress-Relieve-Design
.Heavy-duty toggle design give trouble-free precise clamping force for a long period
.Multi-stage injection speed, refilling speed and the pressure setting

Injection Molding Machine 128T for disposable razor

$23,625.00 Regular Price
$23,152.50Sale Price
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