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JT552 50VDC 5.2A stepper driver : 
1)High performance
2)Low motor vibration ,low noise, low motor heating;
3)Optical isolation signal input
4)Automatic idle current reduction 
5)Precision current setting, the smallest unit of 0.05 A
6) Over voltage, short circuit, phase-error protection functions. 
7)The biggest step 512 micro segmentation,the smallest unit of 1
8)Can drive 4,6,8 wires of two-phase stepper motor
9)Offer 12-24V Control signal interface
10)Step & direction control

JT552 is a low-voltage digital 2-phase hybrid stepper drive, using the latest 32 DSP technology, providing precision 0.05A current setting unit , and taking advanced digital filtering techniques, anti-resonance technology and precision current control technology to make it implement precise smooth operation, extra low noise . It’s widely used in semiconductor, electronic processing equipment, laser processing, medical equipment and small CNC equipment. Capable of driving 42, 57, 86HS22, 86HS35 series of two-phase hybrid stepping motors.

Microstep stepper motor driver 50VDC 5.2A

SKU: JT552
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