Hollow Shaft Nema8 stepper size 20mm which has a coarse bore for air, beam, lead wire to be through. 
If you need a very precise bore for bespoke leadscrew or ballscrew please contact by email for quote.
Holding Torque 18mN.m
Bore 2.5mm

Step Angle 1.8 Deg
Rated Current 0.6A per phase
Rated Voltage 3.9V
Inductance per Phase 1.7mH
Resistance per Phase 6.5 Ohms
Motor Length 30mm
Insulation Resistance 100M Ohm Min. ,500VDC
Dielectric Strength 500VAC for one minute
Shaft Hollow Shaft 2.5mm Inner and 5mm Outer

Nipple End Nema8 Hollow Shaft Stepper Motor

SKU: NEMA8-Nippleend

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