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Nema17 size  stepper controller RS485 protocol

PMC006B3 is a kind of miniature integrated stepper motor controller,which can be directly mounted onto Nema17 stepper motor. The microstepping stepper controller can achieve Networking as many as 35 pieces stepper motor n controller controlled by one upper host PC, PLC or Tablet PC. PMC006B3 provides a simple and rich set of control commands,which not only greatly simplifies the complexity of the upper layer control system, but also maximally reserves flexibility of control, and is suitable for all kinds of high precision, wide range of industry using.
Power supply: 12-36VDC
Phase current Max 2.75A
Full, half, 1/4th, 1/8th, 16th and 32th Microstepping.  

RS485 protocol micro stepper motor drive and controller

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