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SJ15/25/35 Series Extruder Machine

Since the 3D printers become popular to be used. However,once you are a owner of a 3D printer you will soon realize that your wallet is become more and more thin. Yes,you need plastic filament to print what you want. But the price for these filaments tend to top the actual material costs, this will become a big problem to the development of the growing 3D printer. Recently, we received many inquiries about 3D printer filament extruder. All the customers want to know both the capacity and the working principle of the two different extruders.

Now I will introduce you two types desktop single screw 3D printer filament extruders which we are selling now. The first one is SJ20 extruder and the second is SJ25 extruder. The difference between SJ20 and SJ25 extruder not only the screw diameter but also the capacity. SJ20 extruder screw diameter is 20mm and SJ25 is 25mm. Also the capacity of SJ20 extruder is 0.1-0.5kg/h,and SJ25 is about 2Kg/h. These 3D printer filament extruders are for 1.75mm or 3mm 3D printing filament which is quite suitable for experiment and small batch production from thermoplastics PLA, ABS,PVC,PE,PP, PA,PC.The material of the screw barrel is 38 CrmoAlA,and through quenching and nitride atment(the inner surface nitriding polishing HV720), shield-shaped two common screw kneading nitriding depth is 0.5-0.7mm,the surface roughness Ra 0.4,linearity of the screw is 0.015mm.

Then how to works: After setting the desired temperature for extrusion and allowing time to warm up, fill the hopper with pellets and colorant of your choice, and turn on the gearmotor. Plastic will begin extruding from the nozzle, then to be spooled up later.

Meanwhile the production line for 3D printer filament is available, which include water-cooling tank, filament tractor, filament stock unit and spooler, array and meter measurement. With our filament extruder, to create your own low-cost, high quality filament at home.


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